Announcements and More. (Written by Shai of Evai)

Hi everyone,

My internet is broken on my laptop, the connector for the internet cable so Eva will be the only one posting for now until I can get a wireless router. I am using my mother's laptop for internet access.

On the other hand, I noticed that Eva is getting all the attention on her Sims. Bullshit.
I find it a little upsetting that she gets all the comments: "Ohh she's soooo pretty Eva!" and I don't get shit.
This is exactly why I was discontinuing my last blog.
If it keeps up this is all on Eva because aparently my creations just a.rn't good enough. And the anons on MS3B is total bitchiness and bullshit. and I am tired of my Sims always getting put down I cry when I get those messages and it's not like I don't cry enough especially with Cristian in my life.
I work SO fucking hard to make one Sim that isn't even fucking real and I don't get any nice comments or respect.


A lot.


EvaTer said...

I'm sorry about all this !! :(
If I could, I would change all this !

Shai AlessaGillespie said...

Whatever.. No one likes my creations so I'd be happier if I didn't post that way no fucking anons would make me cry my damn eyes out.

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